Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sir, Sir, how do you do nollie hardflips?

If you'd be interested in passing the torch on your great skill then check this out.

"Sports Development at Brighton & Hove City Council are looking to offer free training for volunteers who are interested in becoming Skateboarding Assistant Coaches.
If you’re interested you will need experience of Skateboarding along with an interest in teaching and will be a minimum of 16 years of age.

If you are interested and would like to find out further details please contact:
Ricardo (Skate Park Development Officer) 01273 292726 //"

They're looking to get some names as soon as possible to get this going. Once trained you can then take part in paid work teaching the younguns next year!

Get in touch through the details above if you're interested.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

10,000 Words

Jackson Neill and Jonathon Salariya's production 10,000 Stones has been gathering hype in the last few months, and is supposedly nearing completion. I had a little chat with the two behind it to get a bit more insight. Enjoy!

When did you start the vid process? How did the idea come about?
Jon: We originally planned to do monthly montages, but everyone started to film more street, and better footage so we wanted to make something bigger.
Jackson: We toyed with the idea of making a 20 minute montage but then the idea just developed into a full length, and we were up for the challenge. The idea just seemed exciting.

Who's got full parts?
Calum King, Patch Sullivan, Jake Clayton, Seamus Gleeson, Stan Brazil, Jackson, Seb Hallet, George Terry, Frost, Casey, Laurie Kelly, Jack Jeffery and Ash Parker. Although expect a few to be joint parts considering how much footage people end up with. And we are hoping Luke Tomsett pulls one together

Was everyone on board straight away?
Jon: The young guns were on board straight away, and were always hyped to film. then the line up changed as the video developed and more people have come on board.
Jackson: The promos have been a big help and have inspired a lot of people to get involved. We are really appreciative to everyone who has put time into filming, and have made the video what it is.

How long has it been in production for?
God knows. Err well we released the first promo in May 2010 but I threw that together with some waste footage, A couple of weeks after we decided to make a full length but it's just built up from there.

Where have you been frequenting to film?
Jackson:: We have been filming in Brighton a lot and trying to make the most of the street it offers, we filmed a lot of the video at spots like Jury's inn, Goodies, Bk, Churchill and spots near the city centre. we have also filmed a lot in London, Eastbourne and other locations out of town, its really worth getting out of the city, some of the spots we found out of town are amazing.
Jon: We have been trying to avoid park footage as much as possible in the last couple of months.

How / why did you get into filming?
Jackson: I got given a digital camera for a xmas present a few years back, and just had fun messing about with that. Then I wanted to get into it a bit more seriously so I saved up for my current camera that I have at the moment. I realised that I enjoyed filming tricks just as much as skating, and I loved the joint effort of the filmer/skater and the relationship it builds.
Jon: Err well I've been making videos ever since I was little, no idea why really. I've just always been into making films and then when I started skating it was a pretty natural progression into documenting and editing skateboarding.

There's a lot of people around trying to get in on the film making side of things, but you guys seem to be one of the only ones taking it to that next level of a serious production. Was that a concious thing or has it just evolved into that?
Jackson: We started off thinking it would stay unnoticed in Brighton's skate scene. But due to the commitment of the skaters in the video, and Jon's hard work on the promos, recently it has been more noticed. Its a nice surprise to have seen the video grow and become more popular, because we never anticipated this in the beginning. Jon's editing also makes it unique, we don’t want it to be more about the editing than the skating, but I think he has got a real talent.

What or who's given you inspiration throughout filming?
Jackson: Well Jon's editing has always been a big inspiration, because knowing that he will make it look amazing in editing has inspired me to film well. I have always been inspired by the Transworld videos, but recently the work of local film makers like Ginge, Ed or Slim.
Jon:I don't know really, I get quite a lot of ideas from videos online on sites like Vimeo, I don't tend to get that much inspiration from skate videos themselves although they do inspire me to film

The young guys you're filming have really been progressing fast lately. Do you think having this video to work on has been a reason for that?
Jon: I would say yes because they have all been so hyped on filming and trying such hard tricks, I think they see it as a motivation to push themselves and reach their full potential. We have also pushed the younger lot to to skate a lot of awkward street spots, I think this has helped them progress in different areas of skateboarding.

Do you employ any kind of work ethic on the guys? Or do you just purely go out and have fun with it?
Jon: We try to have as much fun filming and going on street missions. But at the same time, we do appreciate when people try hard to get good footage, and put in the effort.
Jackson: We also make sure its clear how much we appreciate when people give everything they have got to getting a trick on film. In no way do we want to take the fun out of it.

Anyone you wish had got more?
You know who you are!

How many ollies down bk 14 are in the vid?
Well a few people have ollied it for the video. But I'm not going to use every single one, because we don't want it to be boring and over used. But expect more than just ollies down that set!

Are you going to have to force Clayton to switch 180 it before you're finished?
Jackson: I'm sure if I offer him a years supply of buying him fags, he will try it until his legs fall off.
Jon: I'm sure we can bully him into doing something.

Tell us a funny incident from being out filming
Jake Clayton taking a shit in Cardinal Newman playground, Jon bullying Jack Jeffery on every singe street mission, breaking into a uni office to have a 10000 meeting complete with whiteboard and table, Seb ripping a mole off his bum outside thistle hotel.

Any disasters?
Jackson: My camera getting smashed by Alex Jackson on lagoon quarter and it taking me 6 months to find the money to get it fixed. Apart from that nothing really bad has happened, no footage has been lost that we know of.

So, I stop skating for 5 years. Then one day I wonder into the newsagent and see Sidewalk on the shelf. One of the young guys I used to skate with down Hove Lagoon is on the front cover. Who is it?
Jon: I would say it would either be Laurie Kelly or George terry, because they are both incredibly talented, will skate any spot and will happily skate all day!
Jackson: Watch out for those two names in the future. They are both really dedicated and skate for all the right reasons, TO HAVE FUN!

Release date? Premier ideas?
Jon: We are thinking about the sallis benney theatre, but I'm not sure if they will have skaters back after the LA video. We can only try I guess. We have a few other ideas including BYC.
Jackson: Realistically its going to be a few months because me and Jon start uni this month. So finding the time to edit and film will be hard, also if certain people don't come out and film, it really holds the video back. But every chance we get we will be pushing the video forward. So it will hopefully be finished by December to cheer up the winter blues.

Did Sallis Benney really tell you to fuck off when you asked if you could premier the vid there?
No they didn't ha. I called them and asked them about showing a video there. But I didn't say it was a skate video, because I was scared it would be an instant no. But I guess I'm going to have to ask properly sooner or later

Check the latest trailer for 10,000 Stones below.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Good Evans

Local legend Andy Evans has just updated his Youtube channel with an absolute wealth of his old edits from contests, jams and other events from the last few years. If you want something a bit localised then check out the selection below, otherwise get searching through the goldmine of event history.