Sunday, 27 September 2009

Video Blaze 2!

Whether this vid will ever be made, only time will tell, but Patch Sullivan has taken charge from OKB for round 2, and judging from the trailer below it should be sick! Get hyped

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Heel Toe Magic Brighton Premier

Left this a bit late but incase anyone sees it - Heel Toe Magic will be having its premier Brighton showing at the eddy pub in upper gloucester road at 7pm tomorrow night, courtesy of Adny Evans and Stevie Thompson. Entry is free but its 18 and over unfortunately.

Thunder's new montage

Some new visuals from afroman. Plus rumours of another one possibly going up tomorrow? get on it thunder!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Kids are getting good round here

Harvey Clayton, I think hes about 7

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Windmill Wednesday # 7

Seems pretty heavily viewed already but just incase you missed it

Ed Hubert talks LA!

Had a few quick words with the man behind the next big cinematic production to come out of the ends. Ed Hubert lets us know the score on LA*, the new vid about to drop straight out of the lev.

What's the deal with this new video? Tell us a bit about it, what we can expect etc?
I originally started LA* with the intention of it reflecting what it's like to skate down The Level each day, but I quickly realised that would make for a pretty depressing video. Obviously there are gonna be comparisons with 'Brighten' but the standard that Slim set is ridiculous and so rather then try and match him I've tried to make LA* a lot more lighthearted and different as I can. I hope people don't take LA* too seriously.

Who's in it?
Ermmm, I've actually lost track of who has parts, lots of people are sharing parts and nothing is finalised yet. At the moment the people with full sections are; Isaac Miller, Jake Wisdom, Joe Lewis-Collins, Amir Williams, Leon Karakashian, Jacob Walls, George Terry, Niall Birnie and Louis Cooper. Shit, reading that back now thats actually quite alot of sections haha. Oh yeah and Ollie Smith and Finn CK have a joint part. So that's 10. Maybe I will have to scrap someone haha (Leon).

How long has it been in production for?
10 months so far. I want it to be like '1 year in the life of Brighton skateboarding'. If that makes sense.

Who's been MVP so far, who's put in the most work for the vid?
Cob is ALWAYS pestering me to get footage I swear he lives off it, he's gonna have a sick section when I finally find a tune for him. Same with Zak, he's a footage machine.

What are you hoping might come from this vid? For you, the skaters, the Brighton scene or anything else?
Would be nice if some of the younger generation got recognised, I still can't understand why Zak doesn't have a proper sponsor.

Do you have enough goon footage yet?
Yeah it should be interesting at the premier haha

If your parents forced you to move to portland road, would you stay true to your routes or just bum out at goon?
Probably join the West Pier Army, heard their killing it.

How useless has Smith been in filming a part?
Smiths a cunt.

Any disasters or funny incidents happen through the course of filming?
Yeah Smith managed to put a nice big scratch across my fisheye. Cunt.

Give me a funny Leon story
Urghh ha depends on your definition of funny really. At one point his entire part was just him flapping his cock around but I've changed all that now, its alot more sophisticated.

Who's upcoming to watch out for in the Level scene?
Josh Douglas AKA Mason

Any details on the release date / premier?
I actually rang up this morning to book it, it's gonna be at the Sallis Benney (same place as Brighten and Wet Sussex). Looks like the earliest its gonna be free is 14th November. Hopefully I will confirm it tomorrow!

Updates and news on the premier will be posted as soon as they're heard. Thanks to Ed for the words, and check out this pic of Jake Wisdom carcass tossing up in LDN in aid of the video.


Tuesday, 15 September 2009

More reading

As if this place doesn't satisfy your intellectual cravings enough, Ed Hubert has just got his very own level based blog going. Keep up with the goings on over at

Monday, 14 September 2009

As Promised...

Thursday saw the premier of local boy Andy Evans' long awaited title 'Heel Toe Magic'. And it certainly didn't disappoint. Crazy standard of skating and non stop laughs throughout, and appearances from plenty of local faces and spots
Hard to recall in too much detail from a single drunken showing in a room full of people shouting, but highlights included flying osiris D3 spacecrafts, switch heel factories, plenty of goon footage, Smith dressed as an Egyptian, Greg Nowick killing PG mini, Mikey Wright stepping up to BK 14, Spielberg-esque special effects, Darren Nolan's mindbending pressurelatewheelieflippety manoeuvres and millions of other tricks and jokes crammed into just under an hour.
The DVD will be available to buy in less than 2 weeks. It will be worth your dollar i can guarantee. Check the promo a few posts down if you haven't seen it, and check this vid of our little session after the showing.
Props to Redbull for sorting out a nightclub, a ramp to put in it, and stuffing us with free drinks and popcorn. And of course props to Andy for all the work that shines through in this vid.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Heel Toe Magic amazing. Premiered last night and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Hats off to Mr Evans! little write up and some drunken post-prem antics footage to come in a couple of days

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Get Hyped!

Shoreham skatepark is well underway. Just a microscooter's throw away from the train station, smooth concrete street section and a separate bowl with pool coping to boot. Keep up with the news on the official site


Friday, 4 September 2009

Heel Toe Magic Premier September 10th

After much forum speculation and the odd unavoidable delay or two, Andy Evans is now set to unleash the madness of "Heel Toe Magic" upon civilisation!

The world premiere will be taking place at the Cable Club, near London Bridge, on Thursday September 10th, with an initial showing at 6:30pm, and a second showing at 8:30pm. Expect new footage from pretty much everybody in the country, including Mike Wright, Ben Raemers, Marc Churchill, Greg Nowik, Kris Vile, Darren Nolan, Chris Oliver and Joe Moore, alongside the Osiris team of yesteryear, skateboarding Jesus and God only knows who else!

Follow the instructions on the poster below to secure your place - see you there!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Crawley Comp Footage

Not too late. Check it out over on the Sidewalk site