Sunday, 26 February 2012

Move the Manual Box - Attempt No. 2

Right, so despite nobody bothering to turn up to the meeting to move the box at the beginning of the month (nice one), the project's been saved to try again. This time with a 20 second online survey. This will take less time than it takes to scratch your arse and it is VERY important that many people fill it in if you want this to happen, so please get straight on it and pass it on. Unfortunately you only have until WEDNESDAY to fill this in before it's closed and the decision is made, so get to it!
Remember that the five choices are just the rough areas. The date that this happens will be announced and you will have the chance to shoot down and give your opinion on the specific place/angle etc. The box will be moved some time in March, and as a bonus, the halfpipe should be fixed of all it's dangerous flaws on the same day!


Sunday, 19 February 2012

Same Old...

Once again I've been sans computer the last fortnight or so. Two weeks of swapping out parts and 20 mile round trips with the thing hasn't got it closer to working yet. Fingers crossed...
Big big congrats to Drawing Boards' main man Ads who's just had a baby girl. Some new stuff from the DB camp out soon.
May be seeing something on Wednesday that should make you al jealous. Check back to find out.
Anything been going on in the interweb world? Send it over.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Spot Pictionary

For no good reason. Six skateboard related places or things in the local area, past and present. Answers on a postcard.