Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Lower Level

Stephen Nowak, the Level. 1989

Lot of history at that place. Apparently that bowl in the picture is still underneath the existing park. 
The level ain't been in the best shape for a good few years, but it's redevelopment has never ever been closer. A lot of the funding is secured, and the design has been started. Watch this space...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Goon change - Come give your opinion

Last year an online survey was posted on here asking how the Goon could be improved. A large number of answers related to the repositioning of the above obstacle, which means we have been able to secure the funding to get a crane in to drag it off somewhere. Because this is an official Council budget grant dealy thing, there has to be an official consultation on it, so if you want to chip in with where you think the best place for it to go would be, shoot over to the Watersports café (that's the one further along the wall from the skatepark, by the lake) on Saturday the 4th at 1pm and tell 'em!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Couple Stills

Laurie Kelley - Boned out flip over the Sugar Rush gap. Shot by Jon Salariya

Rich West. Perfect bigspin back D on this beast quarter at Crowhurst. Shot by Ewen Bower.

Get snapping and send your pics over!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

PUSH Contest No. 2

Could've sworn I updated this place on Sunday. I'll get more regular.

Anyway, another sick idea straight out of the shop - here's the brief...

Hill Bomb Contest
"Time to get the cameras out again for a chance to win a new board, its simple find the biggest hill and go as fast as possible!

Get creative dodge traffic and pop tricks for extra points.

The hill has to be fully bombed to the bottom!

All entries to be posted by the 27th February

PS. There also a bonus prize for the best slam vid! Good luck"
Get bombing and post your vids to the Facebook page 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

This is rad

An old part from Goon ex-pat Joe Loughborough, filmed around Portsmouth before he moved over this way.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

BYC Jammin'

BYC skate park have two all age events happening this month -

Firstly a rad little jam happening this Saturday

and secondly a sponsored endurance skate fundraiser on Sunday the 22nd. Raise sponsorship money and take part in a 10 hour skate challenge.
The challenge will take place in teams organised on the day so you will get a chance to rest when you need to. Sponsorship forms available from PUSH, Ocean Sports, Vans Shop, Select Clothing Shop, Route One and  BYC, or email darren@brightonyouthcentre.org.uk

PLENTY amazing prizes up for grabs for raising money and competing in challenges. Both are happening to raise money for a banging 30ft miniramp to go in there!

As an extra enticement, this beauty has just been built up there. Get down and get your maydays on!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The year that was

Well, that was a fun year. All in all I hope you'll agree it was pretty sick! I'd say everything I'd hoped for at the end of last year certainly came true. Can't ask for much more.

Heavy sessions, crazy events, a new shop and a stupid number of skaters around and killing it - not only did the scene receive some much needed electric shock therapy to bounce back in to life, but things have been progressing real well behind the scenes this year too. So expect all that even bigger, plus more to boot. Off the top of my head -

Couple changes to the Goon itself
BYC reform with a sick new miniramp
MUCH more news on the Level becoming one of the best parks in the country
Even bigger Paddle round the Pier
Another Goon jam or three
Should probably do another reunion
Maybe Ronaldo should come back this year too
Plenty more full content on here
Drawing Boards video
!0,000 Stones
Another vid which will be revealed at some point

Why wouldn't you want have all this in your life? Just make sure you're there. And stay out of Stoneham park.

Get yourself more hyped with this look back at the last 365. It's just gonna get better...

"We started off thinking it would stay unnoticed in Brighton's skate scene. But due to the commitment of the skaters in the video, recently it has been more noticed."


"I'd make my mum think I was leaving for school, grab my skateboard on the way out the door then literally get changed in the street on the walk to school"