Friday, 21 January 2011

The Year In Evans

Brighton film master Andy Evans has made this amazing edit of the past year's happenings. Featuring the Shoreham Ham Jam and Tony Hawk's demo, followed by some solid Goon and street footage. Definitely worth a repeat viewing. Subscribe to his channel for more.

Also, this is completely unrelated, but just had to be shared

Monday, 10 January 2011

10 x 2 =

Liam and team member Jak Tonge performing ten manouvers each for Drawing Boards, check their channel for more from the guys


Filmed by Ginge

Filmed by Ads

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Back In The Day

The Level Comp, 29th September 2007

I was asked at the time to document the day and make it into a segment to be shown on the skate TV series Curbsurfers. Due to a few reasons it never got used, and I never bothered uploading it due to Youtube's 10 minute video limit. I just realised it has been extended so here you are. A bunch of stuff you never saw and a full insight into the crazy amount of skating that went down on the day of the last true Level Comp. Featuring all local rippers of the time.

Just rediscovered this article I did for the day as well

Oh Shit...

Monday, 3 January 2011

Look Back And Forward

Happy New Year!

2010's been an interesting one. Definitely been a few downturns; Disappearance of way too many local faces, skating less regularly, the loss of the shop, less videos and edits, and the loud, crazy sessions less and less frequent. But nevertheless, the scene is still going strong and the ones who care have been out killing it. Witnessed plenty of amazing times and amazing skating. Here's some of the best bits

As for this year - I promise you there'l be some exciting things in the pipeline, you'll just have to make sure you're there to be a part of them. Hopefully all those on hiatus will be inspired to get back on it. I'm afraid it looks like we're gonna need you to overtake the growing number of little kids of scooters. I'm all for getting along and all-inclusivesness and all that crap but skateparks are for the real users, don't let them run us out.

So in 2011 - Here's to more great times and no more people quitting to smoke fags, play Call of Duty and talk like they're from South East London. Keep skating, stay involved, stay hyped, keep your eyes and ears on the goings on and do what you can to keep the scene amazing. I guarantee you won't regret it.