Thursday, 25 August 2011

All Killer No Filler Vol. 6

Seen this yet? Well, watch it again. The latest in Ginge's AKNF series, they just get better. Who says there's no skaters at the goon? Well, I do, but I'm obviously wrong.

Subscribe, and wait eagerly for the next one.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Just to let you know that a nice edit from Jackson Neill of Sunday has been added in to the post below, so scroll down and give it a watch!

Monday, 22 August 2011


Big thanks to everyone who came and showed support yesterday, all the guys that put themselves forward to help out, and to everyone that skated the comp and ripped. Saw some amazing skating all day. The 13 -17 category was some of the best skating I've seen at the goon. Some serious up and comers.

Results were

Under 12s               1st Joe Wilson
                               2nd Izak
                               3rd Felix

13 - 17                   1st George Terry
                               2nd Matt Tozer
                               3rd Stinton

18+                        1st Dom Movahedi
                              2nd Frost Kid
                              3rd Smith

Best Trick Jam Winner            Luke Tomsett - Backside backfoot flip the hip

Tow edits of the day have appeared so far. Firstly big up to Joel Shepherd for filming the day and for the quick turnaround on this edit of some of the jams

And to Jackson Neill for his version of events.

Also thanks to Jordan La Roche shooting photos all day, here's a pick of them below, and a lot more can be found on his Flikr page. Well worth a look through

Saw a few more media heads around so I'm sure some more will pop up soon. Big thanks to Ricardo, Darren, James at Ocean Sports and all the others who helped make it happen. The next thing is in the pipeline already. Watch this space...

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Crawley was a laugh, some sick stuff went down. There were a few people filming so if an edit turns up it'll be up here. You'll want to see it for Ewen Bower's trick on the cradle...

But as for now, get yourself down the Goon this Sunday. Gonna be a good ol' grass roots comp, organised and run by the locals, with prizes donated by Ocean Sports. Check the poster for full details