Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bare Bangers

Will Greenfield's latest phone edit, featuring the usuals and their crazy moves. Filmed over the last weeks of winter before all this horrible sunshine kicked in.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

While you were sleeping

So, once again the tour diary thing didn't work out too well. Apologies. Gotta give it a go though, eh? Rest of it went well, though, and there'll be some related stuff around soon.

In the mean time, to make up for it we got this beautiful little edit by Ed Hubert of a few late night sessions down the Goon this Winter. Certainly one of the best in recent times. Good work Ed!

In order of appearance:
Dan Emmerson
William Greenfield
Al Hodgson
Jake Wisdom
Niall Birnie
Liam Teague
Dexter Daniels
Matt Ransom
Zak Miller
Ollie Smith

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Day 2

Prepared a lot better for a post today with a few sick photos, but unfortunately it hasn't turned out too practical to get them up right now, so here's hoping to a double post tomorrow.

On the plus side, Zak and Jak hit some serious bangers over in Southampton for the upcoming Drawing Boards full length vid, and then we shot over Bournemouth for Zak to hit up 10 tricks on the steep as chips velodrome bank, which will be up online in the near at least that's more to look forward to in your already full-to-the-brim with excitement lives

Try again later! xx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tour Blog Diary Attempt No. 2

Right, so we're just getting to the end of the first day of another mini Drawing Boards filming mission, this time staying round the south coast way. Thought I'd try and do the daily updates again, but not promising anything this time.

Today we were somewhere near Southampton, checked out a few new spots and filmed the odd thing but forgot to take any photos. Only managed this sequence of Ginge...

...not feeling so good this morning... finally getting the better of him on the side of the road...

...having to clean up what he couldn't aim through the window...

...and attempting to sleep it off.

The Sick On The Door Tour. Feel better mate. More tomorrow!!

Monday, 12 March 2012


Back online, hopefully you lot haven't lost faith and stopped checking this place.

So what's been happening? Well, saw what the Level will potentially look like very soon. All I can say is, bloody hell. (Oh, and no, you can't see it)

Also just got back from an initial design meet for a park hopefully being built in my local haunts of Steyning around the time the world ends. Another sick little concrete one for those of you who leave Brighton.

PUSH's website is up and running, and looking goooood. Not only can you keep up with the latest shop related shit, but you can now also BUY ONLINE from the store. Show your support with a nice bit of wood straight to your bedroom! 

Last Sunday's Skate Arc session kicked off, and the ramp saw some sick skating once everyone got used to it wobbling underneath them. Big thanks to everyone that made it happen, and turned up to skate / watch. Hopefully the beast is being relocated to bring some life to the last months of the old Level. Watch this space.

Here's Isaac proving that it is definitely skateable.

And finally, Al Hodgson has uploaded his full length film from 2008 'Another Angle' for your viewing eyes. Check it out below to see some pre-university Brighton rippers