Sunday, 18 April 2010


Not had much to post this last couple weeks. Was due to be heading off to catch a plane to Majorca in about an hour but that's now up in smoke (or volcanic ash). Trying to sort out a spur of the moment minivan trip round England though so hopefully will have a little edit for ya when we get back.

Managed this (again) on Wednesday

Shoreham's coming on with only a few weeks to go. Pretty interesting update on the site. Also if anyone got last weeks Shoreham or Steyning Herald (8th), have a read of the letter I got printed in there answering to some of the close minded Nimbys round here. Or I'll scan it if anyone asks.

And yes, Matt Chard has retired. But it was his birthday yesterday so it balances out.

Next post will have more content


Thursday, 8 April 2010

Make Friends With The London Crew

Been a packed Easter Weekend with Sunday bringing the premiere of Blueprint's newest visual offering, so of course we didn't pass up the chance to go and see it.
Headed up on Friday for 2 days of unsuccessful skating, ripped shoes, twisted ankles, willy grinds, grandmas, suggestive sausages, uncooked eggs, shit lines, farts and snoring.
Picked up slightly on Sunday with the jam at South bank up first. Smith took the unsponsored ollie comp as he should have. The stunt in question can be seen in this vid of the jam, along with Liam in there somewhere.

More Skateboarding >>

After all that was off to Leciester Square to suck some industry dick and watch some sick skating. A short review from what I can remember -

Shier's footage was the best he's put out in a fair while
Marty didn't have enough footage but what he did get was golden
Kevin Coakley had some gnarly slams and some even gnarlier makes
Neil Smith should've had curtains. Fucking gnarboots
Baines had last part. If you're a fan you definitely won't be disappointed
Everyone else had solid parts, though I think they could've afforded to be a little less selective
Editing was a lot simpler / less arty, which will please some of you. LAF seemed better edited in my opinion

After party was nuts. Gayed out hard with people we recognised and generally had a riot. Nearly concluded with a bare knuckle box between Liam and Olly Todd.

Smith had a liiiiitle too much to drink...

All in all a great time, topped off by getting to see the Blueprint team in action at Emsworth skatepark on Tuesday. Magee was around filming so some footage should pop up on here in the near future

Bonus shots -

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Bunch of footage from some randomer

A couple of hours worth of skating one sunny afternoon down the goon, filmed and put together by Nathan Cowdry (I don't think he's from around here)