Sunday 11 November 2012

LIKE Video Out Now

As the title says, Ed Hubert's production, the LIKE video, is printed and ready for your purchase. £6 for the feature and a bunch of extras on shiny DVD disc. Give Ed a shout, head down to PUSH, or get it through your computer wires in some weird way at this link

Have a peek at Ed's latest hype in the form of 6 minutes or random throwaway clips, near misses and funny times already shared on instagram, and after that have a little read of a review of the vid from one Andrew Finch for Source magazine

Thursday 1 November 2012

Ramble Tamble

Man, been blowing this place a bit recently. Bunch of other shit getting in the way, including having fucking surgery on my hand yesterday so haven't been too thoughtful towards this place for a few days. Still what's going on...

Been getting square eyes editing Draw the Line, it's coming together all right these days. Get your ass out there and get a ticket before they sell out, remember first come first serve and once they're gone that's it! Check the full details a few posts down if you've been under a rock the last few weeks.

Level is really gone as I'm sure you know, but of course the process to bringing the new one to real life is getting further and further along. A few of us should see the newly improved version of the design put out a while back in a day or so, and if things go to plan it won't be too long before the concrete is poured.
On the other plus side, BYC went and nabbed a few of the smashed pieces to help them towards this sweet new ramp.

Get in touch with them and go give them a hand building if you're feeling kind, and go test it out at the second fundraising endurance skate in a few weeks time. Grab a sponsor form and get involved!
There'll also be some additional sessions, including adult ones, announced real soon.

Anything else? Heard something about Like DVDs being available in the next few days. Will be announced asap of course.

Except for that, happy fucking Winter. What a load of shit, eh? Go keep the hype going by watching the new Baker vid, that new Austyn Gillette part that came out about an hour ago, knowing that Vans are filming a full length video, that Pretty Sweet is premièring in two weeks, that your life is apparently going to last a little longer, and that things are still kicking all around this crazy thing they call a skate scene, such as Louie Antoine pushing the boundaries with shit like this...

Tre flip, shot of course by Rich West. Rich has been on a mad one recently have a peak

Friday 26 October 2012

Career Path

This is pretty old, but if you haven't seen it it makes good viewing on a cold winter's eve.

A short documentary on skateboarding as a career in New York. Originally made as promotional background film for some American comedy show called 'How to make it in America', but don't worry you wouldn't have guessed that if I hadn't told you, it's legit as it gets.

You could swap out the names with people from Brighton in the first bit and it would make quite a bit of sense

Sunday 21 October 2012

BYC skate night

Sup, with winter coming in you'll be happy to here of a rad little event in a nice, warm indoor facility this weekend. BYC has another big event running all through the building this Saturday the 27th. Mad stuff going on that can be seen on the poster, with of course a fat skate session in the park all evening. Check all the details here as well as the sweet little vid that Jackson Neill put together for it.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Draw The Line Premier!

We finally bit the bullet and booked it - the full length film from Drawing Boards is going to be premièred in Brighton in December.

The vid will be at the Sallis Benney Theatre on the Old Steine, 8.30pm on Friday December 14th. Tickets are £4 and due to limited spaces can only be bought in advance! They're available now in PUSH, BYC, off me or any of the other riders, or send a message to the Drawing Boards Facebook page.

Here's the trailer, there'll be plenty more on the hype machine between now and the day of reckoning. Go grab a ticket asap!

 And while you're at it, pick up a fresh new board from the new Draw the Line series, available in Push, or again hit up the Fagbook to ask how you can get one. Just whacked my first on today and got a semi.

Monday 8 October 2012

Last Days At The Level

Rumours have been around for a while, and it has now been confirmed...the Level skatepark will next week be fenced off to begin the deconstruction of the entire area, in the first stage of the process to redevelop the whole of the Level park.

The skatepark has been in it's current place for 33 years, and has seen many changes between concrete bowl, vert ramps and shattered wood. The loss of the park in it's current state was inevitable whether or not a new one was confirmed or not, due to the £2 million Level redevelopment scheme which aims to turn it into slightly less of a shithole. Additionally, due to some political bollocks none of this money could be allocated towards including a new facility within this build.

However, as was much advertised, planning process was granted and a large amount of the money raised to build a brand new concrete park in either the current location, or across the path in the north area. A rough design is in place, with work still going between the BHSA and skatepark designers Freestyle to improve it as much as possible.

We're still out promoting the project, back and fourth with the council and ironing out all the creases to make it as everything go well, but if it does then it shouldn't be too far into next year you see the start of the park's development taking place.

So until then, this Saturday sees a send off to the place with one last big session. Music, food and some sick skate and BMX jams sponsored by PUSH and Brighton BMX. Kicking off at Midday until God knows when.

The design as it currently officially stands, before it was argued over for a few more hours. Currently looking towards a tweaked up bowl, and a much busier street area.

Stevie Thompson airwalking at the current level before it gets bulldozed

Part of the long campaign trail to win the city over

Monday 1 October 2012

Your Help Cleaning Up

That time again when we ask for your help for the ol' park...

This time we're working towards whacking up a nice big sign implementing some friendly 'advice' towards the many inattentive younger users and few oblivious parents who can often bring an extra element of danger to skateparks.

Parks are of course open to all, but the popping up of one in every town along with the integration of 'Xtreme' sports into everyday society seems to have gone a way to eridicating the idea that skateparks are supposed to have any sort of structure, order or etiquette. Essentially, they seem to have become another form of playground in many eyes.

So, to try and rectify this a little, me and Ricardo have drafted up a sign to place down the goon to try and knock some thought into a few people's heads. We've thrown it back and forth a few times. It seems to have covered what we thought was important, but I'm still not sure it gets the message across quite strongly enough.

This is where you come in...we're throwing the draft out to public consultation. Take a read and throw any extra points, rewordings, suggestions, or hell just write the whole thing again if you feel like it. Naturally being official and all it can't be too strong worded, but any thoughts will help. So please leave anything you have to say in a comment below.

Done right, this could go a long way to having the place able to be used how it should be at all times, along with having something proper to school the mums with when they have a go at you for making little Johnny cry when he sent you smashing into the floor.

  • This is a facility is designed for wheeled sports only
  • It is important that this facility is used correctly to avoid injuries and accidents
  • Young children must be supervised at all times, for their own safety and that of others
  • Watch out for other users at all times
  • Follow The Lines: Use only the lines of direction between ramps. Do not cut across the bottom of ramps, or ride in from the side. Watch or ask the older users if you're unsure.
  • Wait your turn: If you're up waiting on a ramp, you're in a queue. Please wait until it's your turn, and don't go before others have finished. Ramps are to be used one at a time.
  • Stand well back from the edge of all ramps while waiting: Wheels overhanging can cause unnecessary accidents
  • Do not stand on the central ramp as this causes an obstruction and can be dangerous
  • Please use the bin provided for your litter

Advice for parents: Novice riders can pose risks to themselves and other riders - please ensure your child is aware of the above etiquette required when using the park.  If you would like information on training sessions to help your child use the park safely please contact the Sports Development Team at Brighton & Hove City Council on 01273 292724.

*Note - We will also include a simple visual representation of the 'Lines' we speak of

Tuesday 25 September 2012


Yoyo, back again. How was Like? Heard good things.

Just got back from Berlin a few days back on a full on Drawing Boards film mission, trying to get the last few things for this vid. Expect a Brighton premier date to be announced some time in the near future. Resident photog Richard West was present to shoot some loverly snaps as well so hopefully they'll surface in some decent form of media as well. Article anyone?

Looks like Winter's finally kicked in. What you gonna do to get through it? I'm sure plenty of stuff will arise. For now, check out Matt Ransom and his Lovenskate cronies fucking about on some random island...

...look through a bunch of old and new Stevie Thompson related wizardry...

...and watch me, Ollie Smith and Simon Brooks ballbagging Will Greenfield


Tuesday 11 September 2012

Ed Likes Questioning

The 'Like' video premier is just 3 days away now. If you don't know, you're an idiot. 
I threw a few quick questions at creator Ed Hubert, and he threw a few very quick answers back. Track him down or run into Push as soon as you can if you still haven't got a ticket.

What can we expect with this video?
Something funny.

Did you go about anything differently compared to LA?
I said from the start that the next vid was going to be something different, I just didn't know in what way until about halfway through making it. I've been a lot more picky with the standard of tricks this time around too, if someone asks to film something and I think its shit I'll usually just say no. Maybe that's just me getting lazier.

How did you fit it in around uni?
Got a young persons railcard.

Where have you been to film this?
Mostly Brighton and surrounding places but we have strayed a little further at times to Paris, Berlin, London, MK etc

Why the Facebook theme?
Cos everyone's on it. Everyone moans about it and slags it off all the time and yet they spend all their time on it. I bet as people are reading this interview now they have Facebook open in another tab or have just clicked off it. I basically went for the lamest theme I could think of.

What's the deal with Dave Benson Phillips?
He's the Tom Penny of children's TV so who better to present a skateboard movie?

Any other surprising cameos?
Wouldn't be a surprise then.

Has it been hard filming in Brighton, considering it's now so rinsed out, and spots are getting fewer and fewer?
Nah its fine, we've just been filming ABDs, who cares?

Any filming nightmares?
VX broke last week.

What happened?
One of the 3CCD's died which made the colours go all yellow, its happened before and i blagged sony to fix it for free but i dont think i could pull that off again.

How's this last week of filming been going?
Great! Every day's great for the like video!

When can we expect the DVD?
Early October... maybe

What happened to Leon?
Last I heard he was running a successful mini cab tycoon up in Manchester. Good luck to him.

Monday 10 September 2012

TMFL (Too many full lengths)

Big up to everyone that came along for the 10,000 Stones premier Friday. Real good turnout and a rad atmosphere.
Even bigger ups to everyone that pulled through with some sick skating in it, and to Jackson and Jon for living up to the hype with an amazing video.
If you missed it this time, make sure to grab it in whatever format it turns up in in the near future. Plenty of hammers, big stair manoeuvres and surprises to keep the crowd wooing every few seconds, as well as a few serious jaw droppers and spot one uppers.

More on that when the video surfaces to the public, but in the mean time have a look at one of the next things coming up - the trailer for Jack Jeffery's sequence to his last film, cleverly entitled B2N. This one quite rightly went down well when it was shown on Friday.

Also, as the premier for the Like video draws nearer, check back in day or two for a little interview with it's creator Ed.

Thursday 6 September 2012


Remember, get your ass down to BYC tomorrow night for the 10,000 Stones premier. 9:30 start.

Some throwaway footage of two of the stars, Seb Hallet and Laurie Kelly. Hype ting.


Wednesday 29 August 2012


Jordan La Roche sorted out the rest of his pics from the Goonfest the other weekend. Here's a select few but there's a shitload to trawl through here. Good work mate!

Speaking of comps - A little conversation the other day put the wheels in motion for something else already. Time will tell...

Saturday 25 August 2012

So 10,000 Stones does exist after all...

And finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the premier for Jon Salariya & Jackson Neil's big production 10,000 Stones has been announced.

It's gonna be at good ol' Brighton Youth Centre, on Friday September 7th, and it's free. Ask your mum first as it doesn't start until 9:30. But if you partake in the old plankriding yourself and are aged between 13 and 19 then the usual Friday night session is on beforehand from 7 till 9, for just £2 if you fancy it.

Take a brain snapshot of the poster below, gonna be a good one!

Check out the little interview we did last year if you missed it before and want to know a bit more. See ya there.

Friday 24 August 2012


Dexter Daniels - Switch crook through the night

Once again by Rich West

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Goonfest 2012 Lookback

Yoooo, so thanks again to everyone that came down and showed support on Saturday, everyone that volunteered themselves to help throughout, and everybody that stepped it up and skated in the jam itself. The weather gave us a reprise and after a little delay it all went pretty swimmingly.

This year the awards went to -

Under 13s -               1st     Jake Wilson
                                 2nd    Joe Wilson
                                 3rd     Lex

13 - 17s -                  1st     Dan Reynolds
                                 2nd    Jesse Thomas
                                 3rd    Seb Hallet

18 and over -            1st     Jack Stinton
                                 2nd    Ollie Smith
                                 3rd    Nathan Marshall

Death Race winner - Ollie Smith

Big thanks to James from Ocean Sports for again coming through with some sick prizes for us, Lagoon Water Sports for throwing an amazing wakeboarding prize in there, Vbites for the power and hot dog deals, and a massive one to Ricardo Magee who again got it all sorted on the council side and without whom it certainly wouldn't have happened. 

And another thanks to Dan Hasson, who put himself forward for the difficult task of documenting the day. Unfortunately a technology error means sadly there's no footage of the under 13s jam, but the rest can be seen in this sweet little edit. 

And finally a big up to Jordan La Roche and Robert Maynard for popping down and shooting some stills for us.
We'll be doing it all again next year for sure, with no doubt plenty other happenings in between to keep you salivating. Ear to the ground...

 Click any to enlarge