Thursday, 30 December 2010

AfroThunder: The Lost Tapes

Quite a while back Thunder gave me 10 or so of his tapes to search through for stuff I could use. I ended up finding a wealth of unused footage, and only just got round to making something out of it, so here it is. All filmed around the summer of 2009 I believe, featuring just about all OG goon locals. Next time you see Thunder give him a nudge to get his camera out more often

Monday, 27 December 2010

A Bit Of Out Of Date Trivia

Compiled this ages ago but never published it, way to late for this to be that interesting really but for anyone who knows Wet Sussex well enough, here's a few random facts you may not have known about it...

The first and last tricks filmed for the vid were at the same place. The first was Phil's nosemanual at Worthing park in November 2006. The reason it is in black and white is because Liam forgot to change the exposure when the sun came out. The last trick was Jake Snelling's 360 transfer at the same park a few weeks after the premier.

The last trick filmed before the premier was Finn's cab over the planter, filmed 2 days before the showing. Liam's switch flip at Newman was 3 days before.

The shot in the credits of everyone sitting at Bercy, Paris was at 3am. Everyone missed their train back to London and had to find somewhere to sleep after trying to stay in the train station for as long as possible. Bercy was decided as the safest spot out of all they'd visited on the trip.

Mark's fakie flip at the same spot was at 2am a couple of nights earlier.

Will and Chard weren't working on parts at first, until a discussion the night before the first trailer was released. They agreed then to work on parts if their names were added in.

Finn was originally going to have a guest appearance in Ollie's part, but when he started to get too much usable footage to fit in, it was agreed to work towards a full part.

The statue that Brad Knight jumped off in the credits was in Paris just 3 days into being there. It was 12 feet tall and wound Brad up in hospital at 4 the next morning. He was on crutches for 6 weeks afterwards.

Phil christened the trick he did down the Macba 4 the Hat Trick, and had been claiming it for months beforehand.

For the intro shot of 'Wayoutfilms' being written on the wall, it was found later that the writing wasn't visible enough, and so had to be thickened and reanimated in the edit.

Chard's song was originally used for Phil's part. After scrapping that and 8 or so other rough edits, Phil's song was finally chosen

The van you can see in the background of Finn's last trick was parked at the bottom of the stairs upon arrival. Finn proceeded to climb through a slightly open window and take the handbrake off, while others pushed the van out of the way.

The name for the vid came from a brainstorm whilst sitting in a car. When trying to come up with names based on local places, Will handed Liam a road map and accidentally said 'Here's a map of wet sussex'

The story behind Liam grabbing the voucher in the credits is that Ollie had won three pairs of shoes earlier that day in the Vans GSD jam at the Lagoon, and put one up to whoever could switch flip King Alfred 5 first out of Liam and Dave

Phil's intro was filmed by his name being written into a puddle of barbecue sauce in a bath, water being poured over it, and the footage being reversed.

Will's Friday Ad placement was real, but nobody called to make an offer

There were 2,248 clips captured for use over the course of filming.

At the premier, the film started glitching 5 minutes in. This was because it was playing off a laptop and the file took up half of its 25gb hard drive. Luckily there was a backup DVD version on standby.

"Oh Wow You Have An Iphone? Let me Suck Your Dick!"

Willy G has been hard at filming over the festive period, and has put together another rad little edit from our few trips out in the last week or two, filmed using a phone. What is the word coming to?

Monday, 20 December 2010

Did you ever wonder what happened to Jereme Rogers?

...and yes he's 100% serious. If you want to laugh a bit more about it have a read of this, on a blog you should be visiting regularly anyway

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Save Bay66 Skatepark

The Westway Development Trust are seeking planning permission to turn the area the skatepark is situated, under the A40, into a garden centre and office space. Their reasoning behind this "The Skatepark does not serve needs of the local youths". How stupid this is and how important this park is to the UK scene is obvious, so have some sense and sign this petition to try and drill some sense into the the cvnts that be.


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Thursday, 9 December 2010

I Am Stoked On This

This certainly made me laugh. A little bit of Barrat footage put together by Ginge. Seems he's chucking stuff up on his own channel as well now so subscribe!


Monday, 6 December 2010

A Load Of Ransom Shit

A rad little edit of unseen footage of Uckfield killer Matt Ransom. Filmed by Drew Marsden and edited by Al Hodgson

Sunday, 5 December 2010

A Year Through The Eyes Of...

10 minutes worth of random shit Will Greenfield has picked up using his fancy iPhone thing over the last year or so, edited by the man himself. Highly entertaining

Friday, 3 December 2010

A Little Drawing Boards

Skating may be furthest from your mind in this weather at the moment, or maybe the opposite, but here's something to get the brain going again. If anyone didn't notice the recent short burst of everybody round here riding the same boards, no it wasn't fracture for once, it was these guys...

Drawing Boards has been growing fast as a company and a team over the last couple of years, and with them especially making an impact round these parts, I had a few words with man at the helm Ad McEvoy to give a little more insight into what's behind it all.

Give us a brief low-down of what Drawing Boards is about
Drawing Boards is about fun, friends, individuality, creativity, sharing and learning .. Basically we are trying to do positive stuff for skateboarding be it getting involved with councils or hooking up open minded skaters and sponsoring events . We try to bring stuff out that is a bit different to the norm and treat the kids good.
In fact it's become abit of an obsesion .. It's in my brain all day everyday .. Not quite sure where I finish and Drawing Boards begins these days haha

What made you want to start a board company?
Me and my boyard Cyberknacks (Si) started making garms for our company "Coping" about 10 years back . After 5 years we'd sold thousands of T'shirts (which was pretty unexpected) . So we had some funds and thought we'd give making decks a go .. After all that was where our passion really was ...Peeps were backing us from what we'd done before which was rad .. Also missed nearly three years of skating from having ops on both my legs so I had a bit of time on my hands haha . It's all just grown from there ..

Who's on the team? What's so special about each of these characters?
Jak Tonge .. Silky moves , the nicest kid ..
Isaac Miller.. Pop for days and humble steeze ..
Jerry Wilson .. Out there with the best style ever ..
Potter .. Potters just Potter .. one of a kind .. Handrail monster ..
Elliot Rowe .. Mannie master .. So out of control yet so in control

Jak Tonge Hits a nosegrind in Crawley on a little
filming mission. Shot by Smay
You're currently filming for the first video. How's all that going? What can we expect?
Well the dudes above pushing themselves .. We basically want it to be a vid that's not too short and not too long . One which will hype you out before you go skating .. Easy to watch with good music .. Like a good skate vid should be haha .. But of course with the Drawing Boards vibe ..

Give us a story from one of the filming missions?
Have to be being woken up on a golf course in Leeds by an angry grounds keeper .. It went something along the lines of "Get your piece of s**t van out of my drive and get the f**k off my land" haha ...

What were you doing on a golf course?
Trying to get some shut eye haha .. We used to go on crazy tours which involved sleeping in fields , forests and on golf courses .

Potter stretches his lofty frame onto a tall Croydon rail. By Smay
Where did the name for the Leaky Quiche tour come from?
Your good self making a fuss about buying a quiche which ended up all over peeps shoes decks and the car .. Kept us all pretty amused mind you .. Good tour that .. And while I'm here thanks for the help with the filming man ..

What's Elliott's house like?
Hipster's paradise .. Don't wanna talk about it haha .. Although it has got a pool table now .. That's pretty rad eh ..

There's a heavy basis on artwork, which you do yourself. What Influences your graphics?
I've always been into drawing from a tot .. Our family never had a TV so I use to read a lot of books with pictures in 'em . My older brother use to make up stories that he'd draw as he spoke .. Guess that was my earliest influence .. Growing up skating in the early 90's , artwork was a big part of of it all .. These days there's so much stuff out there, so a lot of thought goes into what we're gonna bring out , if it's been played out what's the point ? For every graphic that's released there's five to ten that usually just sit in the pad , on the hard drive or get painted onto an old deck . The ideas usually get thrown back 'n forth between Si and myself until we come up with the goods .. Then I draw the finished ideas . Ego stifles creativity , we both criticise each other's ideas to come up with something we're both happy with and is different to what everyone else is doing . Being an artist you have the ability to put questions or ideas into peoples heads which is something I try to take on board too .. If I keep babbling on I may have to grow a moustache , move to Shoreditch and buy a fixie .. What's next ? Haha

Some boards past and present, along with the popular Circus colourways

Where are you based?
We are based in Croydon and we sponsor skaters around Surrey as well as Brighton , London , Croydon and Portsmouth

Croydon local Jerry WIlson pops in for a quick visit to Crawley skatepark. Nollie inward heel. Photo:Smay

What's your connection to the Brighton scene?
Always been down with the fact that there's so many skaters in Brighton .. When we started selling in Stevie's shop he suggested we hooked someone from the area up .. Isaac was the obvious candidate .. After meeting him properly we decided he was the man for the job .. Now Stevie's shops gone we are down to keep hooking him up ..

Local boy Isaac boots a lofty front shove while taking 8th place at the UK Championships earlier this year. Pic by James Head

Where can we buy your product down here now that Stevie's is gone? 
We sell our stuff in Ocean sports next to Goon ..

What's the Aussie connection?
Yep It's pretty mad that we are in Oz .. I went over there a number of years back to meet my estranged family haha . On the way I met a certain young gangster Donny "Fuggin" Fraser who some years later I entrusted with the running of the company Oz sides .. The team is really active over there getting busy doing demos on the East Coast and that .. Dope seeing them get mag coverage too ..

Australian rider Darth gets profiled in Slam Magazine with a gnarly front feeble

What's coming up in the near future? What do we have to be excited about?
Sponsoring the Crossfire Jam next week with some of the boys repping .. New graphics in the plan too .. Want to try an get an exhibit popping next year ..Along with some lil' edits while we slug on with the vid itself ... Some mini tours ... In fact there should be a fair bit of new stuff but you'll have to tune in to find out ...

Balance boy Elliot gets interrupted on his two-wheeled cruise to the vintage market by a small stairset and has to tre flip them. Seq by Smay again

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