Wednesday, 27 June 2012

PUSH Video Contest #3


The boys at PUSH have whacked up another sick trick contest for you to hurt yourselves over. This time you gotta get your downwards grind on.

"In the third part of our video contest series we are giving you the chance to win a new skateboard of your choice. This time send us video footage of your best trick skating a hubba of your choice. Extra points for skating real street."

You've got a while to do this one. Usual routine - get your clips up on the Facebook page by the 31st of August.

Instead of reposting the amazing photo of Matt Ransom skating just about the only street hubba in the area, I'm going to massage my ego with my own lesser manoeuvre at said spot. Now go and show us how it should be done!

Fact of the Day - The term 'Hubba' comes from the spot Hubba Hideout in San Fransisco. The spot was actually known by this name before it was taken to by skaters, as it played residence to many a homeless person or junkie, or Hubbas as they were known there. The name hubba became a name for the ledge there itself, and eventually became the generic term for that obstacle type.

So there you go. Also added the mug shots I somehow missed out first time round.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bunch Of Mugs

Just uploaded a little project I've been working on for a while. Click on the gallery link on the right to check out some portrait shots of the local lads. There's a bunch of people I haven't got round to shooting yet so it'll be updated every now and then. Shout at me next time you're down if you wanna be added in.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Mini Prem

OG filmer Drew Marsden is having a quick premier of the long awaited latest instalment of his series 'Elle est Tombée' at PUSH skateshop this Friday the 22nd. Having seen a little rough edit a while back I know it's gonna be worth checking out. and there'll also be a load of other never before seen vids from other people on show too, so get yo ass down there for 8pm sharp! Put ya'sen down as attending on Twatbook to follow the action.

Oh, and while I'm here, just to let you know that we seem to have acquired some ping pong tables down at the goon. Not the best sport to play 20 feet away from the sea but they're there for your use.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Diary Time


Finally got my F-ing computer sorted. Turned out I had to reinstall my SATA adaptor driver for anyone that was wondering. The break in updates is over from now.

So, as for some news...we finally got the manny pad sorted today. The reason it took so long since the consultation was due to a number of call-offs due to weather. But today we managed to get down there early this morning and get it done.

We tweaked it around for a while and looked at it from all angles, in the end we figured this was the best for approaching it from all different ways. We tried to keep in mind being able to get to the back side of it, as the next thing we are looking at is to remove the side railing to reveal that sweet coping on the other side. 

On top of that, we got all the holes around the park filled in, most importantly the deadly mini ramp, and straightened up the grind box.

 Big thanks to Ricardo for making it all possible, and the two builders who followed all our orders and fixed the place up nice.

As for what's next, get your diaries out for a few upcomers...

Firstly, Take Part Festival returns next Saturday June 23rd, at Preston park. As part of a larger event around the park, there'll be a half pipe and street course up for you to skate, with demos from the Drawing Boards team as well. Things kick off at midday.

The Sunday of next weekend should, all things going to plan, be the opening jam for Hollingdean's new park. The build is well under way, and there should be some prizes and a good session going. That's the 1st of July.

A week after that one is Paddle Round The Pier, running July 6th, 7th and 8th down by Hove lawns somewhere. Anyone there last year will know that this should be sick, with a few different sized ramps, some sick skating and a bunch of other entertainment. Do your sun dance for this one.

And if that isn't enough, the few weeks after that will see the Crawley Jam, a Shoreham event or two, the opening of Woodingdean's new facility, and of course another hectic one at the Goon. We're looking at some time in August for that one, and going even bigger and better than last year. Details of all of those will be confirmed ASAP. Hype!!