Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Barcing Mad

The other day I was extremely lucky to return from a ten day filming trip to Barcelona with the Drawing Boards crew. Photos and an offcuts edit will be around soon, and the many bangers documented will be at your eyes' disposal whenever the full length drops, but in the mean time here's a load of the twatting about in the middle of it all, courtesy once again of Will Greenfield's iPhone. Not to be taken seriously.

Featuring Jak Tonge, Isaac Miller, Jerry Wilson, Harry Potter, Liam Teague, Will Greenfield, Sam May, Elliot Rowe, Ranny Ransom and Ad McEvoy

Also, spare a thought for Willy Gizzler himself who managed to make his toe look awful weird with only a couple of days left out there, and needs to get better fast for Manny Mania next month.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Have Your Say!

Yoyo, apologies but been away for a while. Will have a nice little Barca iPhone edit for ya in the next couple days once it's gotten approval, amongst some other stuff.

Yesterday was the first day of a skateboarder's year, and seems the goon is coming back to life a little with some nicer weather and a few reappearing lost faces. So here's something worth five minutes of your packed out life to help make it even better.

Ricardo has put together a short consultation to gather a feel of what could help improve the place. So please fill in these few Q's and help the place out.

On a similar note (sort of), the Brighton and Hove Skatepark Association have just got their website up and running which is worth bookmarking

...and they have a similar survey on the go to help progress the new Level skatepark. There's only really one question, which regards where to put it, but gives you a box to give any thoughts you might have, 'FUX DA LEVEL' comments etc won't be of any use or seen by anyone who cares. Cheers Bigears.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

10,000 Stones

This is looking better all the time. Here's Jackson Neil and Jon Solatrydiansdia's new trailer for their platform for the younguns. Aiming to be out some time round the end of Summer.

Monday, 7 March 2011


About time some new footage popped up, and it was worth the wait. Banger of a new edit from Fearghal Burrows. Things are getting better...

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Freedom Of Space

Pretty interesting documentary on public space and skaterboarders' use of it. Worth a watch, if not just to hear Edmund Bacon, the designer of LOVE Park, talk.