Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Get training

So to make up for the disappointment of the one man golf demo fest not happening last weekend, I can tell you that the annual Crawley Summer Jam is coming up two weeks Sunday, that's Sunday 14th August.

New format this year. Quote from organiser Lucy....

This is the new format for Summer Jam that takes place in August. Team Jam with teams made up randomly so that locals and young skaters get a chance and aren't too intimidated to enter.
Plus its a nice way to get to know other skaters and should be quite fun. There'll prob be a right mixture but at least one person in the team will be U16 (if we get entries).
After the team jam there will also be a 'cash for tricks' jam. We'll be giving out cash (£10's and £20's) for good stunts on different obstacles.

Always a good day. Big ups to CFA!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

What an honour

Happy birthday to Ginge for last Friday. He came down to the country way last night for Barrat to give him a little present at his house...


Now that is dedication to the cause. Extra laughs in there for anyone who knows the story behind the windmill as well. Good work guys I'm proud!

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Ok so, just got the word from one of the organisers that due to some unforeseen circumstances the event at the Goon this Saturday has had to be postponed. Apparently the dude running it is still gonna pop down and do a quick throwout or something, but the the official event will go ahead as planned at a later date, yet to be confirmed. Weather looks shit anyway so I wouldn't worry too much. Sorry!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Just got extremely stoked off this photo.

Matt Ransom. Bluntslide. Shot by Rich West. Click for large, non out of focus version.

I asked Rich to give a little background on the photo, but this is all he had to say,

"Being the dick that he is Matt did a bluntslide on a crusty ledge and it was rad. I guess sometimes weed helps.... fucking hippy. Is that enough?"

Monday, 18 July 2011

Back in the Day

Botch Job was a full length I made over 2005-6. Before the Goon was built we'd mostly skate the local surrounding parks and spots with the other small townsfolk, and after filming for a few months a video started to take shape.
Filmed on two 1-chip JVC handycams, with a fisheye composed of two lenses duct taped together and duct taped to the camera, and premièred to a small audience in the local town hall in November 2006, Botch Job is a pretty good showcase of what we were doing around that time. If you've got 40 minutes to spare then check it out below.
Featuring parts from Featuring Will Greenfield, Joe Willett, Andy Burrett, Brad Knight, Gary Griffiths, James Adair, Will Jarvis, Tom Grantham, Liam Teague and Chris Lentner, and appearances from plenty others.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Oh yeah and...

...Mikey Wright at Hove Lagoon a couple weeks back. Filmed by Andy Evans. If you don't know, now you know


Sorry been putting off updating this for a while. Here's a catchup

Thanks to everyone who turned up for the ReGooniun last weekend, was a rad day! Here's a few random photos by Jordan La Roche from the day.

Nash - Flip Rock

Jackson - 360 Nosegrab

Luke - Front feeble

Parr - Frontside ollie

Unlikely that your Facebook wall didn't get bombarded with links to this the second it got uploaded, but just incase here's Willy G's edit of Hubert and Mitchell in an Ed vs Ed game of ED.

Facetage coming up this week some time.

The day after was the Shoreham Death Jam, with the Death team and many others shredding the bowl up. After cracking his noggin open, Geordie decided to get behind the camera instead to make a little edit

As for what's next, you may have seen this advertised around, coming up at the Goon this coming Saturday, the 23rd

Starting at Midday, with prizes from Route One and Etnies. According to the description...

Fun day for all
Skate Jam & Golf Comp (??)
Sound System,Dj's
Free give away
Skaters from Etnies,Route One,Supercoast(Sweden)

Great prizes to be won:
Skate Jam/Best trick
Best line
Trying the hardest (you got that one Barrat)
Golf Comp 9 Holes Pitch & Putt

After party with On The House at The Kitchen Bar (Preston St) from 6pm Djs Magnus Asberg(C-Soul,Etnies) Faceman(Route One)

Some sort of demo at some point as well from what I can work out, featuring Amir Williams among others

No idea. Should be a good day. Check the Fagbook event page for updates.

Something else up tomorrow

Monday, 4 July 2011


So, Paddle Round the Pier was fucking rad. The 8ft kicked off for three days straight with Stevie, Isaac, Tom Felix, Frost, Leon, Ewen Bower and plenty others tearing it a new one. Fair few missing in action but oh well, your loss. This helpful video pretty much sums it up.

Here's something else. Ol' Willy's made yet another vid on his phone. Here's 25 mins of laughs and tricks.

Oh and, Goon reunion this Saturday remember!