Thursday, 1 November 2012

Ramble Tamble

Man, been blowing this place a bit recently. Bunch of other shit getting in the way, including having fucking surgery on my hand yesterday so haven't been too thoughtful towards this place for a few days. Still what's going on...

Been getting square eyes editing Draw the Line, it's coming together all right these days. Get your ass out there and get a ticket before they sell out, remember first come first serve and once they're gone that's it! Check the full details a few posts down if you've been under a rock the last few weeks.

Level is really gone as I'm sure you know, but of course the process to bringing the new one to real life is getting further and further along. A few of us should see the newly improved version of the design put out a while back in a day or so, and if things go to plan it won't be too long before the concrete is poured.
On the other plus side, BYC went and nabbed a few of the smashed pieces to help them towards this sweet new ramp.

Get in touch with them and go give them a hand building if you're feeling kind, and go test it out at the second fundraising endurance skate in a few weeks time. Grab a sponsor form and get involved!
There'll also be some additional sessions, including adult ones, announced real soon.

Anything else? Heard something about Like DVDs being available in the next few days. Will be announced asap of course.

Except for that, happy fucking Winter. What a load of shit, eh? Go keep the hype going by watching the new Baker vid, that new Austyn Gillette part that came out about an hour ago, knowing that Vans are filming a full length video, that Pretty Sweet is premièring in two weeks, that your life is apparently going to last a little longer, and that things are still kicking all around this crazy thing they call a skate scene, such as Louie Antoine pushing the boundaries with shit like this...

Tre flip, shot of course by Rich West. Rich has been on a mad one recently have a peak

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