Monday, 10 September 2012

TMFL (Too many full lengths)

Big up to everyone that came along for the 10,000 Stones premier Friday. Real good turnout and a rad atmosphere.
Even bigger ups to everyone that pulled through with some sick skating in it, and to Jackson and Jon for living up to the hype with an amazing video.
If you missed it this time, make sure to grab it in whatever format it turns up in in the near future. Plenty of hammers, big stair manoeuvres and surprises to keep the crowd wooing every few seconds, as well as a few serious jaw droppers and spot one uppers.

More on that when the video surfaces to the public, but in the mean time have a look at one of the next things coming up - the trailer for Jack Jeffery's sequence to his last film, cleverly entitled B2N. This one quite rightly went down well when it was shown on Friday.

Also, as the premier for the Like video draws nearer, check back in day or two for a little interview with it's creator Ed.

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