Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Yoyo, back again. How was Like? Heard good things.

Just got back from Berlin a few days back on a full on Drawing Boards film mission, trying to get the last few things for this vid. Expect a Brighton premier date to be announced some time in the near future. Resident photog Richard West was present to shoot some loverly snaps as well so hopefully they'll surface in some decent form of media as well. Article anyone?

Looks like Winter's finally kicked in. What you gonna do to get through it? I'm sure plenty of stuff will arise. For now, check out Matt Ransom and his Lovenskate cronies fucking about on some random island...

...look through a bunch of old and new Stevie Thompson related wizardry...


...and watch me, Ollie Smith and Simon Brooks ballbagging Will Greenfield


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