Monday, 8 October 2012

Last Days At The Level

Rumours have been around for a while, and it has now been confirmed...the Level skatepark will next week be fenced off to begin the deconstruction of the entire area, in the first stage of the process to redevelop the whole of the Level park.

The skatepark has been in it's current place for 33 years, and has seen many changes between concrete bowl, vert ramps and shattered wood. The loss of the park in it's current state was inevitable whether or not a new one was confirmed or not, due to the £2 million Level redevelopment scheme which aims to turn it into slightly less of a shithole. Additionally, due to some political bollocks none of this money could be allocated towards including a new facility within this build.

However, as was much advertised, planning process was granted and a large amount of the money raised to build a brand new concrete park in either the current location, or across the path in the north area. A rough design is in place, with work still going between the BHSA and skatepark designers Freestyle to improve it as much as possible.

We're still out promoting the project, back and fourth with the council and ironing out all the creases to make it as everything go well, but if it does then it shouldn't be too far into next year you see the start of the park's development taking place.

So until then, this Saturday sees a send off to the place with one last big session. Music, food and some sick skate and BMX jams sponsored by PUSH and Brighton BMX. Kicking off at Midday until God knows when.

The design as it currently officially stands, before it was argued over for a few more hours. Currently looking towards a tweaked up bowl, and a much busier street area.

Stevie Thompson airwalking at the current level before it gets bulldozed

Part of the long campaign trail to win the city over


  1. 'Part of the campaign trail back in August to win the city over'???

    That photo's from over 4 years ago dude?

  2. Correct. Got confused with something else sorry