Monday, 1 October 2012

Your Help Cleaning Up

That time again when we ask for your help for the ol' park...

This time we're working towards whacking up a nice big sign implementing some friendly 'advice' towards the many inattentive younger users and few oblivious parents who can often bring an extra element of danger to skateparks.

Parks are of course open to all, but the popping up of one in every town along with the integration of 'Xtreme' sports into everyday society seems to have gone a way to eridicating the idea that skateparks are supposed to have any sort of structure, order or etiquette. Essentially, they seem to have become another form of playground in many eyes.

So, to try and rectify this a little, me and Ricardo have drafted up a sign to place down the goon to try and knock some thought into a few people's heads. We've thrown it back and forth a few times. It seems to have covered what we thought was important, but I'm still not sure it gets the message across quite strongly enough.

This is where you come in...we're throwing the draft out to public consultation. Take a read and throw any extra points, rewordings, suggestions, or hell just write the whole thing again if you feel like it. Naturally being official and all it can't be too strong worded, but any thoughts will help. So please leave anything you have to say in a comment below.

Done right, this could go a long way to having the place able to be used how it should be at all times, along with having something proper to school the mums with when they have a go at you for making little Johnny cry when he sent you smashing into the floor.

  • This is a facility is designed for wheeled sports only
  • It is important that this facility is used correctly to avoid injuries and accidents
  • Young children must be supervised at all times, for their own safety and that of others
  • Watch out for other users at all times
  • Follow The Lines: Use only the lines of direction between ramps. Do not cut across the bottom of ramps, or ride in from the side. Watch or ask the older users if you're unsure.
  • Wait your turn: If you're up waiting on a ramp, you're in a queue. Please wait until it's your turn, and don't go before others have finished. Ramps are to be used one at a time.
  • Stand well back from the edge of all ramps while waiting: Wheels overhanging can cause unnecessary accidents
  • Do not stand on the central ramp as this causes an obstruction and can be dangerous
  • Please use the bin provided for your litter

Advice for parents: Novice riders can pose risks to themselves and other riders - please ensure your child is aware of the above etiquette required when using the park.  If you would like information on training sessions to help your child use the park safely please contact the Sports Development Team at Brighton & Hove City Council on 01273 292724.

*Note - We will also include a simple visual representation of the 'Lines' we speak of


  1. "Do not stand on the central ramp as this causes an obstruction and can be dangerous"

    ...or sit!?

  2. this can all be summarised in one simple and effective instruction:
    - All Kooks fuck off